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Original run: 10 Oct 2010 – …

Country of origin: US

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Sex


Watched by: 39 of 703 843 0.01%

Total running time: 4 hours 57 minutes

Episode duration: 27 minutes

IMDB rating: 7.1 of 10 187

MyShows rating: 4 of 5 4


The Post 9/11 world has forever changed the notion of privacy. There are now approximately 30 million surveillance cameras in the United States generating more than 4 billion hours of footage every week. And the numbers are growing. The average American is now captured over 200 times a day, in department stores, gas stations, changing rooms, even public bathrooms. No one is spared from the relentless, unblinking eye of the cameras that are hidden in every nook and cranny of day-to-day life.

Shot entirely from the point of view of the security cameras. Adam Rifkin's Look follows several interweaving, storylines over the course of a random week in a random city. Look is a film about the things that people do when they don't know they're being watched.

Based on the premise that everyone has secrets, Look takes us on a voyeuristic journey into the most personal parts of ordinary people's lives. Everyone is guilty of selective deception. We all hide aspects our lives from those around us. It might be as benign as picking your nose in an empty elevator or perhaps something much darker. Look poses the question: Are we always alone when we think we are?

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