The Adventures of T-Rex

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Original run: 6 Jan 1992 – 23 Jun 1993

Country of origin: US

Genre: Children, Family

Network: CBC AE

Watched by: 11 of 703 843 0%

Total running time: 1 day 2 hours

Episode duration: 30 minutes

IMDB rating: 6.3 of 10 97 rating: 6.26 of 10 76

MyShows rating: 4 of 5 2


Set in a world of anthropomophic dinosaurs, brothers Bernie (blue), Bruno (pink), Bubba (green), Buck (yellow) and Bugsy (purple) are born with special powers to help fight crime. Each brother's special power is related to a specific part of their anatomy; Bernie's legs, Bruno's arms, Bubba's tail, Buck's mouth and teeth, and Bugsy's telekinetic eyes. The group ride out on their Rexmobile to battle "Big Boss" Graves, crime kingpin of Rep City, and his evil organization, The Corporation.

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