Monster Warriors

Show Monster Warriors


( 16 )
Original run: 18.03.2006 — 27.10.2007
Country of origin: Canada
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action
Network: YTV
Watched by: 33 of 752 749
Total running time: 19 hours 4 minutes
Episode duration: 22
IMDB rating: 3.2 of 10 300 rating: 5.442 of 10 111


The series follows the adventures of four teenagers fighting to safeguard Capital City from the vengeful wrath of insane and disgruntled B-Movie director, Klaus Von Steinhauer, who possesses the ability to bring his cinematic monsters to life. Over the course of the series, various story arcs occur that expand the series cast and city locations. Each week sees the teens customize common household objects into useful weapons to fight against monstrous creations.

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