Sword of Justice

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Original run: 7 Oct 1978 – 11 Jul 1979

Country of origin: US

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Network: NBC US

Watched by: 3 of 672 339 0%

Total running time: 11 hours 1 minute

Episode duration: 43 minutes

IMDB rating: 7.6 of 10 60

MyShows rating: 2 of 5 1


Affluent playboy Jack Cole, released from prison a changed man after serving three years on an embezzling frame up, vows to even the score with the white-collar crooks responsible while maintaining his former easy-going facade. Dack Rambo stars in this new action series; Bert Rosario and Alex Courtney co-star.

"In the tradition of such literary classics as The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Count of Monte Cristo and Zorro, MCA TV's Sword of Justice explores the desperation of a man wrongly accused of a crime, dedicated to revenge." So the blurb glowingly describes this American series which begins with a special two-hour episode. Dack Rambo plays Jack Cole, whose main similarity with past heroes is his habit of leaving cryptic messages behind him — notably playing cards, the clincher, the three of clubs or "sword of justice". Jack Cole was a playboy who spent his father's money until daddy died and he found himself wrongly imprisoned for embezzlement. This gives him the chance to say things, like: "You don't know how rotten the top can look until you see it from the bottom." But prison life — the School of Hard Knocks — is useful because it teaches him how to suffer, and how to be a slick crook.

Once out of prison (after three years) he outwardly resumes the playboy life, but inwardly plots revenge against the meanies in the big business world.

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