Angry Little Asian Girl

Cartoon Angry Little Asian Girl


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Original run: 26.10.2012 — 19.11.2012
Country of origin: US
Genre: Animation General, Comedy, Family
Network: Mnet America
Watched by: 23 of 797 986
Total running time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Episode duration: 22 min.

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Angry Little Asian Girl is a compilation of five animated shorts created in 1994 by Lela Lee. The first of the five episodes is titled "Angry Little Asian Girl, the First Day of School," and was created in 1994 while Lee was a sophomore at UC Berkeley. Upon completing it as a project for her video class, she hid the episode fearing it was too angry. About three years later, an entertainment friend showed Lee "South Park, the Spirit of Christmas." The similarities of kids with foul-mouths made Lee bring her ALAG video out of a drawer to show to her friend. Lee was then inspired to add four more episodes, creating "Angry Little Asian Girl, Saturday at the Park," "Angry Little Asian Girl, Lunch with Sally," "Angry Little Asian Girl, Pat," and "Angry Little Asian Girl, Park Bench." Each episode is based on Lela Lee's experiences growing up in an predominately white neighborhood. In April 1998, the five episodes of ALAG was screened at the American Cinemateque where it received positive reviews from the audience and critics such as Kevin Thomas of the LA Times and Ernest Hardy of the LA Weekly.