Pinks: All Out

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Original run: 23 Nov 2006 – …

Country of origin: US

Genre: Action, Automobiles/Vehicles, Family, Talent

Network: Speed US

Watched by: 4 of 697 918 0%

Total running time: 8 hours 4 minutes

Episode duration: 22 minutes


Grassroots drag racers battle "All Out" in an old school race for cold hard cash. Pinks: All Out is 100% real, not scripted and there are no re-takes. If you see it, it really happened. These are not professional racers; they are your neighbor down the street that loves the outdoors and working on their car over the weekend… to make it go faster! Rich Christensen, the creator and host of the show, brought back the old 1950's and 60's street racing scene along with the vintage "Armdrop" style start. He just put it on the track, where it is safe… and legal!

Hundreds of racers compete at drag strips all over the country, running their vehicles all out. Then they are whittled down to the closest groups of racers and picked for the final races against each other, on the big stage. The final groups of racers and their cars can sometimes be as close as .05 seconds, of each other's times down the track. That means the competitors are very closely matched against each other and that everything must go right for them to win. Usually 16 final cars will start out competing against each other, in single elimination rounds, first down to 8 cars, then 4 cars, and then the final two competitors. Negotiations between the racers, to try and beat each other, adds much "real-life" competitive drama to the explosive racing action. The racers must be in the moment and fully focused… they have to be ready to react at lightning speed to Rich's "Armdrop"… then they have to drive their cars perfectly down the track… and their car has to run perfectly every time… and not break! The final winner gets the cash!!!

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