Lovely Complex

Anime Lovely Complex


7 379
Original run: 07.04.2007 — 29.09.2007
Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Comedy, Anime, Romance/Dating
Network: TBS
Watched by: 13 225 of 712 262
Total running time: 8 hours 48 minutes
Episode duration: 22
IMDB rating: 8 of 10 2 354 rating: 8.055 of 10 9 791


Koizumi Risa has always been taller than most girls, and her longtime friend, Atsushi Ootani, has always been shorter than most boys. The two of them have found a strong bond of friendship through their differences, and after a series of events lands them both in summer camp, they decide to help one another find the perfect love interest. However, when Koizumi realizes that she is in love with Atsushi, she must struggle with her own desires, as she doesn't want to risk ruining her seemingly perfect friendship.

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