Leh Nangfah

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Original run: 7 Apr 2014 – 7 Jul 2014

Country of origin: Thailand

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Network: Channel 5 TH

Watched by: 44 of 644 430 0.01%

Total running time: 1 day 2 hours 8 minutes

Episode duration: 56 minutes

MyShows rating: 4 of 5 15


When Lallalit is about to lose her power over the family company, she seeks help from Teepob. Teepob really hates her, eventhough they grew up together and pranks her by letting her do small lowtime jobs just for his own entertainment. Lallalit is known to be a spoiled brat and selfish heiress who's completely in love with her own beauty. Two angels in heaven decide to teach her a lesson to cast a spell on her. A curse to live her life as human at day time, but as bird at night. The only solution would be to receive a true love kiss, which seems more difficult than she initially thought as many people don't like her.

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