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Original run: 22.08.2016 — 23.09.2016
Country of origin: Brazil
Genre: Drama
Network: Rede Globo
Watched by: 104 of 833 689
Total running time: 15 hours
Episode duration: 45 min.
Episodes count: 20
IMDB rating: 9 of 10 708


The miniseries tells a story in each day of the week, in which a search for justice takes place.

Vicente Menezes

Elisa (Débora Bloch) can't overcome the death of her daughter, Isabela (Marina Ruy Barbosa), murdered in 2009 by her own fiancée Vicente (Jesuíta Barbosa) when he caught her cheating him with an ex-boyfriend. After being released from prison in current time, he seeks forgiveness by his mother-in-law as he starts a new life with Regina (Camila Márdila) and their daughter.

Fátima Libéria do Nascimento

Fátima (Adriana Esteves), a maid at Elisa's house, killed a dog belonging to police sergeant Douglas (Enrique Díaz) in 2009 after it hurt her son. She is subsequently incriminated for drug trafficking after Douglas plants some cocaine at her house. Seven years later, when she is released, she wants to reunite with her family, but her husband Waldir (Ângelo Antônio) died, her son Jesus (Bernardo Berruezo/Tobias Carrieres) is homeless and her daughter Mayara (Letícia Braga/Julia Dalavia) became a prostitute.

Rose Silva dos Santos

Rose (Jéssica Ellen) and Débora (Luisa Arraes) are friends. In 2009, the former is arrested with drugs which actually belonged to some other friends, while the second is spared. Afterwards, Débora is raped. Seven years later, when Rose is released from prison and reunites with her friend, they search for the man who violated her.

Maurício de Oliveira

In 2009, Mauricio (Cauã Reymond) is arrested for killing his wife Beatriz (Marjorie Estiano) at her own request after a hit and run leaves her quadriplegic. The accident was caused by Antenor (Antonio Calloni), who was making a runaway with money he stole from his business partner (Euclydes Menezes (Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos), Vicente's father). Seven years later, when Mauricio is released from prison, he befriends Vânia (Drica Moraes), the troubled wife of Antenor, who now runs for governor of Pernambuco.

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