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Original run: 14 Oct 2015 – …

Country of origin: fe.countries.IR.title

Genre: Drama, Romance/Dating

Network: IR

Watched by: 8 of 667 034 0%

Total running time: 1 day 21 hour 52 minutes

Episode duration: 43 minutes

MyShows rating: 5 of 5 1


The bureaucrat, Bozorg agha is the head of a very powerful mafia syndicate who had a strong role in the coup d'état against Dr. Mosaddegh's legal governmental administration on 18 August 1953. The son and daughter of Bozorg Agha's two freshmen, Shahrzad and Farhad, are about to get married. During the coup chaos, Farhad gets arrested and sentenced to death. Bozorg agha uses the influence he has amongst the coup heads to set Farhad free but in return orders Shahrzad, whom he knows different to other girls, to marry his nephew, Ghobad, whom is also his daughter, Shirin's husband instead of Farhad. The point is that Shirin is sterile and this has caused a lot of dispute and conflict in the marriage life of Shirin and Ghobad, her cousin. Based on such circumstances, a dramatic romance story is formed in which Shahrzad whose a medical student and loves Farhad has no choice but to overcome and cope with undesired situations of which is the beginning of a series of love incidents.

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