9-1-1 Encounters

Show 9-1-1 Encounters


Original run: 28.05.2016 — 28.05.2016
Country of origin: US
Genre: Nature
Network: Animal Planet
Watched by: 3 of 813 719
Total running time: 44 minutes
Episode duration: 22 min.

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When humans and wild animals unexpectedly intersect, the outcomes can be as alarming as they are dangerous for both the animals and humans. 9-1-1 Encounters documents the thousands of calls Americans make each year when dialing 9-1-1 after suddenly being caught in life-and-death confrontations with animals on the prowl. This two-part special features real-life dispatch calls from some of the most terrifying and bizarre animal encounters on record. From coyotes stalking an unsuspecting hiker, thousands of birds inexplicably falling from the sky and two men attacked by a swarm of bees, there's nothing more shocking than the actual 9-1-1- call.

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