The Rootless Land


Original run: 24.03.2018 — 31.03.2018
Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Military/War, Drama, History
Network: NHK
Watched by: 0 of 821 383
Total running time: 1 hour 26 minutes
Episode duration: 43 min.
Episodes count: 2


It is August 1945 in Manchuria, Maruyama Kunio is robbed of everything he has by the invading Soviet Occupation troops. Faced with the realities of Japan's war defeat, he is at a loss for how to protect his wife Mariko and their children. Looting and seizure of assets become routine. Many Japanese civilians are attacked in the course of fleeing. This is compounded by the lack of nutrition and spread of contagiousdiseases which leads to a wave of deaths. And so, 1.5 million Japanese in Manchuria lose their lives. Maruyama decides to appeal to his homeland to repatriate them to Japan. Together with Shinbo Yachiro and Muto Masamichi, he works out a plan to escape Manchuria. A dream team is born – Shinbo, the president of a construction company is wealthy and has nerves of steel; Muto is proficient in Chinese and privy to the situation on the ground; Maruyama is strong in English and has a firm conviction. Mariko supports Maruyama's decision but Shinbo's wife Matsu is anxious about their daredevil plan. Leaving their families behind, the three men finally begin their escape. Will they be able to overcome numerous perilous situations and find their way to Japan?

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