Кремлевские похороны

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Original run: 13.09.2008 — 11.07.2009
Country of origin: Russia
Network: NTV
Watched by: 1 864 553
Total running time: 1 day 2 hours 13 minutes
Episode duration: 44 min.
Episodes count: 35 rating: 6.115 of 10 231


The lives of the Soviet leaders were surrounded by many legends. But not only lives… Almost all representatives of the Soviet aristocracy died so that historians still argue, trying to understand the natural, at first glance, causes of death and to separate propaganda and speculation from facts.

With the death of another Kremlin ruler against the background of official obituaries and demonstrative popular grief, rumors and gossip multiplied, incredible versions appeared, some of which, as declassified archives show, were not without foundation.

Who poisoned Lenin and was he poisoned at all? Who benefited from the killing of Kirov? Why after the death of Dzerzhinsky there were persistent rumors that the death of the «knight of the revolution» was violent? Is the case of killer doctors a tragic farce or the result of real negligence and medical errors? Why did the leaders begin to be buried near the Kremlin wall, and later in it itself, and who had the right to be in the most elite cemetery of the Soviet Union?

The answers to these and many other questions are in the documentary cycle, built on the material of declassified archival documents and the results of many expert opinions.

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