s02e02 — Crossroads

Dawson's Creek — s02e02 — Crossroads

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Duration: 43 min.
Released: 14.10.199815.10.1998 04:00
Watched by: 1 06038.62%
2 season
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s02e02 - Crossroads
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Discussion of the 2 episode of the 2 season
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02 Mar 2021, 10:39 # Show original
God, Dawson is such a nasty guy. In the first season, I pushed everything down to the fact that he is still a child + the first relationship.
With Joey, it's generally a strange feeling, they shouldn't be together. I'm hoping for a guy from work now.
Jen was just lost in general, it was always sad for the girls who waste their time and nerves on such jerks who only know how to complain.
08 Jun 2021, 19:38 # Show original
I would say that both Jen and Dawson are nasty.
The most normal Pacey here. The new guy at work is cute.
10 Jun 2021, 14:37 # Show original
Jen became such a bitch sho kick-ass and did not notice before that she was not such a beauty, but with such behavior she began to cause disgust
14 Jun 00:00 # Show original
Dawson is selfish in everything he does and feels.
It's like Jen doesn't know what to do next, so she's making some kind of game.
Joe is a victim of falling in love with Dawson. Outside of the relationship with him, it seems to be a normal character.
Pacey, at the moment, is the only one you empathize with. It seems to be the most adequate, and all the funny moments are mostly related to it. In this episode, it's a shame for him. (It is also a fatal disease... Hang on, Pacey, you and me.)
Andy's kind of cool.
And what kind of creepy parents poor Pacey has, they don't even care about their son's birthday. Oh. Oh, somebody dial Child Protection.
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