s03e02 — Through a Lens Darkly

Released: 24 Feb 1999 24.02.1999 18:00

Watched by: 18077 51.28%

Episode rating: 4.639 of 5 404

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Jack16 wrote 29 jun 2016, 21:28 #

Необычная серия, раскрывает много интересных тем, между тщеславием и заботой о внешности со стороны окружающих, и принятие того что у многих могут быть какие - то принципы. Довольно интересная серия)
- Ready?
- Оkay then? time to go.
- You're not really much of a morning person, are you?
- Where are your glasses?
- I'm not wearing them
- I got contacts
- I hope this isn't going to change your opinion
- I hope you don't think l've changed or compromised or becom a shallov person who only cares about their looks. Because it would really bother me if you thought that.
- No, I don't think anything like that.
- Good.
- Where are your glasses?



Sihaya wrote 3 jan 2018, 1:30 #

- I don't blame you. Why settle for vanity when you can have pure egotism?