s01e07 — One Arrest

Released: 21 Jul 2002 21.07.2002 16:00

Watched by: 10247 44.28%

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Episode rating: 4.565 of 5 395

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Lyosh108 wrote 14 feb 2018, 23:20 #

"They gonna do me, Ronnie..." (((
Работаешь на любимой работе - а тут такое.



gothveter wrote 11 oct 2018, 18:40 #

@Lyosh108: Хорошо когда есть рыжуля с веснушками, к которой можно завалиться в 3 часа ночи чтобы всё рассказать ))



CaptainBBat wrote 18 dec 2018, 22:01 #

Слишком хорошо:

McNulty: You know why I respect you so much, Bunk?
Bunk: Mm-mmm.
McNulty: It's not 'cause you're good police, 'cause, y'know, fuck that, right?
Bunk: Mm. Fuck that, yeah.
McNulty: It's not 'cause when I came to homicide, you taught me all kinds of cool shit about . . . well, whatever.
Bunk: Mm. Whatever.
McNulty: It's 'cause when it came time for you to fuck me . . . you were very gentle.
Bunk: You damn right.
McNulty: See, 'cause you could have hauled me out of the garage and just bent me over the hood of a radio car, and . . . no, you were, you were very gentle.
Bunk: I knew it was your first time. I wanted to make that shit special.
McNulty: It was, man. It fucking was.



illseethese wrote 26 jun 2019, 15:55 #

Баблс спокойно себе курит на собрании для наркоманов и ему никто и слова не сказал. Вот это вольности!