Show Барвиха


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Original run: 02.10.2009 — 16.07.2011
Country of origin: Russia
Genre: Drama
Network: ТНТ
Watched by: 14 208 of 712 089
Total running time: 1 day 2 hours 15 minutes
Episode duration: 45
IMDB rating: 3.6 of 10 125
kinopoisk.ru rating: 4.798 of 10 16 991


They can have everything. The best resorts and the most beautiful clothes. The most fashionable mobile phones and the most expensive cars. But the money of their parents will not help them to buy love, friendship and the right to be themselves. It has to be achieved on their own. They are students of the senior class of a high school in Barvikha. But not all the students in this class are children of the rich from 'Rublevka'. Some of them are ordinary kids who are trying to become ones belonging here. They don't fight with each other. They don't try to prove that someone is better. They just want to find their place in life. One of them wishes to become a fighter without rules, one - a known rock star, another one - just to marry a son of rich and successful parents. They already consider themselves adults. The surrounding world thinks otherwise. Each of them is capable of true Deed. And each of them is capable of base trick. It's time to decide which one their life will be full of. Deeds or base tricks. Friends or enemies.

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