Akanezora Beyond the Crimson Sky

Akanezora Beyond the Crimson Sky

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Released: 31 March 2007
Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Drama
Production companies: Akanezora, OLC / Rights Entertainment
Watched by: 1 of 869 306
Runtime: 2 hours
IMDB rating: 6.6 of 10 45


A young tofu maker, Eikichi comes from Kyoto to open a tofu shop in a friendly neighborhood. He meets there a feisty local girl Ofumi who befriends him as he sets up his shop, Kyo-ya and in spite of the difficulties stemming from cultural differences between the two ancient capitals including the favored taste of tofu itself, they eventually marry and become the owner of a tofu shop on a more respectable street. Behind the rock-solid business of Kyo-ya, their son, Eitaro bears the brunt of other tofu shops' animosity toward Kyo-ya's refusal to comply with Edo's way of running business and starts to frequent a gambling hall run by the mysterious "Boss", which throws the family into a critical situation that threaten to pull them apart...

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